Welcome to HallyuPH! A site for all your hallyu cravings. Come and join us in our wonderful community.

Welcome to HallyuPH! A site for all your hallyu cravings.
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 Forum Rules - MUST READ!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules - MUST READ!   Thu Nov 06, 2014 9:49 pm

Like any other Forums, HallyuPH also stands for it's one Rule Book. Please read and understand and we'll have no problem!


This is a simple overview about the site. HallyuPH is founded in 2014. Having the mission to unite all the Filipino Hallyuers and build a friendly community. Kpop, Jpop and Cpop is a growing fanbase throughout the country. These east asian music is hitting us by storm, this term is more popular as the 'Hallyu Wave'.

HallyuPH is here to serve all your fan cravings. We are building a stronger goal to be a fun pod for all of you. With this, we deeply need your cooperation and support. Here's the Official Rule Book for HallyuPH.

Duplicate Accounts

Having duplicate accounts is strictly prohibited! Administrators are continuously checking for same IP Addresses (where we can track double accounts). If we caught you once, we'll simply send you a warning to stop using your duplicate account. If we caught you with another duplicate account, we'll delete your account (the 2nd one) without ven warning you. The third one will be your last, if we caught you again, all of your accounts will be permanently banned. Not just your account but also your IP Address. And with this, you can no longer create a new account in the forum.

Still, we can understand that you may have family members that also uses the same IP Address. Kindly inform this right away to the Moderators or Administrators for them to check.

Photos and Videos

Strictly No Pornography or any disturbing images. If we see you using this as your Avatar or Signature we'll remove it right away. This rule also applies in posting threads or replying to topics.

If you get caught, we'll send you a warning.

Photos/Videos Include:



Okay, since we are a 'Philippine' based Forum so multiple languages can be involved. Some of this are:


Pwedeng gumamit ng Tagalog/Filipino kahit anong oras. Hindi ito ipinagbabawal lalo na't tayong lahat dito ay mga Pilipino Smile Pwede niyo itong gamitin kahit saan sa forum, sa pagpopost man o sa pagcocontact sa mga staffs. Feel free to use our own proud language!


We can also use English as a medium of communication. If you think you are more comfortable in the English Language then you're absolutely free to use it anytime. Don't worry because you can also use the TagLish language which most of us use, eventually.

Other Region Languages



We are not prohibiting you to use your native language but please try to minimize it. As you can see, not everyone can relate or understand to some of these native languages. Plus, it will be somewhat odd to use multiple languages all at once. So please try to communicate/post using either Tagalog or English. Thank you Smile

Please take note of this reminders in your post content:

No Foul Words

Foul words are strictly prohibited and this applies to all languages. Also includes, disturbing and harassing words. If members will continue to report you regarding this issue, we will automatically ban you.

No JEJE Words

Filipinos have this unique language called 'Jejemon' which we probably all know. We are not tolerating this type of language for the reasons that its informal and somewhat disturbing to some of the users.

We will send you a warning if you continue to type like this.

Privacy & Respect

We are protecting every user's identity. HallyuPH doesn't sell,trade or share any information about the users.

Please respect your co-members and don't post anything confidential about them. Or else, we will be deleting that post by any means.



  • No Posting of Explicit Content

  • No Double Posting

  • Post your thread in the right sections

The mods will take action of any violations.

Harassing of Staffs

We are not absolutely tolerating any form of harassment to the Staffs specifically to Moderators and Administrators.. Let's respect these staffs who only aims to have a peaceful and smooth sailing forum. If you get caught being abusive, it will result to an automatic ban.

No Fanwars

This, by far is the most important RULE that you must abide. Strictly NO FANWARS! HallyuPH is generating a non-violent site. We won't let any fanwar occur by any means. We will send warnings to anyone who will be a part of these fanwars.

To make this possible, we are encouraging you to lessen Comparison between idols or issues.

More Rules will be added soon.
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Forum Rules - MUST READ!
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